3 Questions to Protect Your Locum Tenens Career

As the demand grows in the locum tenens market, opportunity is everywhere for both providers and agencies. However, if a provider is new to the industry the experience can quickly turn from a dream to a nightmare. Check out the 3 questions every provider must ask their agency before entertaining any of their job openings.

1. Is there a direct contract with the hospital?

Vendor Management companies have quickly grown their marketshare in the locum tenens space. They are an attractive option to hospitals looking to minimize agency interaction. However, submitting through a vendor management companies will often lead to a less than satisfying experience for the provider. Adding another middleman ultimately leads to subpar communication (if any) and lower pay rates.

2. What is your cancellation policy with the client within 30 days of start date?

Although most locum tenens agencies hold a client accountable once a provider is working, very few have protection against this prior to start date. Ensure your company has legal stipulations protecting your first 30 days AFTER the scheduled start. Otherwise, don't be surprised if you get left high and dry with a cancellation 31 days before your assignment.

3. What is the reason for the locum need?

At the end of the day this may not matter to you as a provider but it will protect your CV from being floated across clients. This practice can box you out from opportunity in the future through higher paying agencies. Follow this simple rule: Does the reason make sense? It's very common for locum agencies to have internal metrics around the number of CV's a recruiter brings into their database each month. Due to this, fake jobs and old jobs are often used as bait. If the recruiter can't answer this simple question, chances are they're fishing to meet a sales metric.

We hope this helps you in your journey as a locum tenens provider. If you are looking for better answers, set up a call with Med X today.

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