3 Steps to a Great Vacation for Community Physicians

Your vacation should be a time to relax and refresh yourself. But it can be challenging to leave a private practice that you've spent so many years developing. Between specific patients that need personalized care, administrative staffing challenges and mountains of paperwork that always seem to pile up, even the smallest getaway can seem like an impossibility.

We understand!

But You Need a Break to Work Well

A physician's overall stress levels and workload directly impact the quality of care their patients receive. No major revelation there! But long hours and additional vaccine clinics for your community have become the norm in 2021. You've become a master multi-tasker and learned to live with much less sleep than you'd prescribe to stressed patients.

Still, workloads are finally smoothing out for community providers in the wake of COVID-19. We know you're eager to get some quality time away from the office, and you've certainly earned it.
But we also know you won't enjoy that vacation unless you can truly disengage from the goings-on at work. So we've developed a vacation checklist specifically for community physicians and private practitioners. From topics to cover with locum tenens providers to hazardous material removal and webcam security systems, we'll cover everything you need to check off your list, so you can finally kick back and relax.

Step 1. Address Biohazard Waste & Contact Your Disposer

Most rural community clinics contract with a medical waste disposal company for lab pack removal. You might be doing more business with them this year, thanks to COVID-19 vaccines. Be sure to get an eyeball on your lab packs and sharps before you go, even if your staff usually handles this task. That way, you can head out on vacation confident those risks have been managed.

Step 2. Get a Web-Based Security System

Finally, explore some web-based security systems. They've become more affordable and more reliable than in the past. Thanks to modern technology, you can set up a few cameras in your office and view them from almost anywhere on the planet.

Some vacation destinations — like Cuba — have limited access to the internet. If you're heading somewhere like that, ask a friend or relative to keep an eye on your practice and provide them with the login information.

Just don't ruin your holiday by spending too much time spying on the lobby!

Step 3. Contact Your Locum Tenens Provider to Finalize Dates & Prepare Staff Notes

Locum tenens are fully trained, professional physicians. They're ready to pick up the slack while you're away. Best of all, they're less expensive than you probably think! And as a business/staffing expense, they're a significant write-off come tax time, too.

As you prepare to leave for some well-earned respite, be sure to leave notes for locum tenens about any:

  • Specific cases that need extra attention
  • Unusual prescriptions, those with a long lead time or count caps
  • Any known community outbreaks that are occurring or that you generally expect this time of year

Firm up your travel dates as best you can, but stay flexible. With airline strikes happening in 2021, you might want to extend your planned leave by a few days. You won't feel stressed about returning to work on a date that's set in stone, should a flight get canceled or delayed.

Pack Your Bags!

Now all that’s left to do is pack your bags! At Med X, our fully trained, professional locum tenens providers are ready to help keep things going smoothly when you’re gone.

We proudly pair community physicians with locum tenens who offer:

  • Unique schedules and tailored shifts, perfect for vacation travel
  • Customized skill sets, essential for those extra special patients
  • Sustainable cost structures, so you can get away as long as needed
  • And flexible payment terms, something your bookkeeper will appreciate

It's time to get away. Whether your vacation lasts a few weeks or a few months, our experienced locum tenens providers can help. Contact us today to learn how.