A Q&A with Med X Locum Agents

In healthcare, locum tenens is when one physician covers for another on a temporary basis. Because of the way that the locum tenens industry has operated for so long, many providers think of locum recruiters like car salesmen - sleazy, just out to meet metric goals, and trying to screw both the client and the provider in order to make the most money. But we don't operate that way, and that's why we call ourselves agents instead of recruiters here at Med X. Because we learn about the provider's wants, needs, and unique situations in order to represent and guide them instead of just pushing jobs on them.

A while back, we asked our agents to answer a few general questions about their roles, and they had some enlightening answers to share about working in the industry. Here is what they had to say:

Q:  What is one thing you would change about Locum Tenens given the chance?

Many of our agents wished they could change the perception physicians have about the industry. As Steven puts it, "I'm actively trying to change physicians’ perception of locums. There's a lot of stigma surrounding not just locum tenens work, but also locum tenens agencies. Due to the way that other companies have operated for so long, physicians tend to view us, agents, as just job-pushers that don't care about their wants or needs. At Med X, that couldn't be further from the truth." Jonathan had a similar response, stating that he wished he could change "the terribly low standards that other locum agencies set, causing a lack of trust." 

Q:  What is the most challenging thing you face on a day-to-day basis? 

Our team each has their own challenges to face when they come to work. Jonathan states that the most difficult part of his day is "getting past that all recruiters are "Car Salesmen" that are greedy, don't care, and don't know what we're talking about." He believes this frustrating stigma holds him back from making genuine connections with some physicians. Meanwhile, Hunter experiences different challenges in the industry, stating that "making sure that the physician I am talking to is a good fit for the position" is the most challenging part of his time at work. “The last thing you want to do is place someone where they are not a good match,” he says. “If the provider isn’t happy, no one is.”


Steven says that the hardest part of his work as a consultant is figuring out travel, "figuring out all the logistics makes my head spin, so I'm very grateful that we have a team of travel specialists dedicated to helping me and my physicians find the best accommodations for their trip."

Q:  What is your "WHY"? Think- what keeps you going? Why are you a consultant?

Our agents all stated that they enjoy being a consultant because they feel like their job has a greater purpose. As Steven puts it, "it's extremely fulfilling to know that because of my efforts, there are patients in underserved areas that are receiving the healthcare they otherwise wouldn't have had access to." Jonathan says that what keeps him going at work is a genuine goal "to help others, care about my physicians and clients, [as well as] getting the chance to reach personal goals." 

During our conversation, Hunter also shared his goals as a consultant. "I want to grow a committed and tight-knit group of physicians that I trust and can trust me. I look forward to working with the people that I have built close relationships with so we can both be successful in what we do."

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