Is the Physician Recruitment Process Broken?

Everyone within the healthcare industry is aware of the nationwide physician shortage that is currently stressing the ability to provide patient care. All data suggests that the shortage will increase over the coming years. However, the effect of the shortage on access to physician care does not have to be so extreme. 

The reality is that many physicians are willing to offer coverage to facilities in need, yet these facilities get in their own way. Healthcare facilities need true leaders who are willing to make the difficult decisions the surrounding patient community requires. Instead of taking action, leaders direct traffic and place a stop sign at every corner. Far too often key hospital employees approach decision making with a "don't break it" mentality, sacrificing progress on a routine basis.

The future is dependent on competent hiring managers who can assess talent and act in a timely manner. Healthcare facilities must stop coordinating physician interviews through employees who won't have a conversation after 5pm. They must stop believing it takes 3 weeks to provide feedback on a candidate. They must stop the broken process from damaging the market more than the number of graduating physicians ever will.

The recipe for successful staffing is simple:

  • Patient care before internal process. 
  • Educate and trust decision makers.
  • Communicate quickly and efficiently.

It's time to stop masking inefficiencies with the word "busy". Action is the answer.