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medical service line, locum tenens

6 Compelling Reasons to Utilize Locum Tenens at Your Facility

Every healthcare provider desires efficiency in their operations and effectiveness in serving patients, but change and uncertainty are standard operating conditions in the healthcare industry. When healthcare employers face...

Med X Healthcare

4 mins read

medical service line, locum tenens, physicians, conference

Mark Your Calendars For These 4 Medical Conferences in 2021-22

We're tired of the phrase "unprecedented year." But let's be honest, 2020 and 2021 were unusual years. As things finally normalize, most overburdened physicians and hospital administrators realize it's time for a break. Med X...

Med X Healthcare

3 mins read

medical service line

3 Tips to Medical Service Line Success

The healthcare sector is currently facing dramatic change. There is a rising demand for delivering quality, increasing revenues under a reimbursed constraints' environment, pressure to reduce cost, demographic shifts, and...

Med X Healthcare

3 mins read